1600w Wind Turbine video – good deal or rip off?

I took a video of the turbine I purchased off of Ebay and posted it on You Tube.
The response I received somewhat shocked me. There are a couple of companies that are fighting in the market and the one I purchased the turbine from seems to be selling ‘counterfeit’ units.

The unit I purchased was marketed as a used Missouri Wind and Solar 1600w wind turbine. So after winning the auction for a good price I thought I would do some more digging into how best to set this unit up.
I tripped across one of Missouri Wind and Solar’s videos on how someone else is selling counterfeit turbines with his name and logo on them. In the video he actually showed a screen shot of the auction I won.

This made me worry that I was ripped off so I contacted Jeff who told me what was happening by this other company. I waited to get the turbine in the mail before making any decisions.

Once it arrived I did notice it had new parts which seemed odd for a ‘used turbine’.
I contacted the seller (qaz661) and questioned if this was what I purchased. They responded and told me it was a MW and Solar 1600w used turbine.

They responded very quickly and wanted to send me anything I needed to make me happy with the purchase. They offered new blades (MWAS blades), then offered a newer ‘used’ MW and Solar PMA.
I have not taken them up on any of the offers because I want to test this turbine fully to see what I actually have here.

My tip for buying off of Ebay – research, research, research, and then research a little more. I can’t say I was ripped off but I was defiantly deceived.
Take a look at the comments and you will see supporters of the Ebay seller telling me it is NOT a Missouri Wind and Solar turbine but it is actually a Thermodine turbine.

So if you want an actual Missouri Wind and Solar turbine (or any other parts) make sure to go directly to their web site or on Ebay make sure the seller is actually MWAS.

Here is the initial video with more to come once I get this mounted and see if it will generate any power.