MEC Paddle Fest 2012

I headed off to the MEC paddle fest today with Dragonfly Hiker to check out some kayaks. There was a great selection of vendors, MEC, Trail Shop, TAO, Old Creel Canoe & Kayak.

I was able to take out a Native Ultimate 12 from TAO, this ‘kayak’ is more like a canoe. The bottom is more like a pontoon which makes it very stable. This is made for fishing and you can even stand up in it.

This unit was lite and tracked very straight. It would make a good unit for overnight camping with all of the space available.

The second kayak I took for a paddle was a Rip 10. This was more of a kayak and when I jumped in I could feel the difference from the Native Ultimate.

This was a nice kayak with a water tight bulkhead and more storage space in the front. I took this kayak for a longer test. It tracked really well for a smaller kayak, there was a little bit of waggle in the back but it was not enough to worry about.

MEC also had items for sale with a mark down table. I was able to pickup a 20l dry sack with a small defect for $5.00. The defect will not affect how the bag works.

There was a great turnout for this event and the weather co-operated with sun and warm weather.

Here is a video of people testing the kayaks on the lake